Start Your Own Religion - For Pleasure and Profit

Always a good idea, Religion seems to do well and as we know are the start of most good wars. Plus there is a great opportunity of influencing people, how they live and making a buck - all at the same time.

Remember that all Religions are what is known as Belief Systems and that is what makes them tick. Belief. You do not usually have to produce any hard evidence of what your Religion is about or what you are selling, all you need is that it is Believable and have an element of Mystery to it - and it is amazing what some people will believe.

Given the large number of long established Religions, you will need to concentrate on something that these Religions are not offering. You will need to focus on those aspects that people are seeking but do not get from the older Religions. This is by and large 'delivery' in the 'here and now' not the 'there and then'. People today just can't wait forever and are looking for some immediate improvement in their daily life.

Whilst the more established Religions have 'first mover advantage' they offer the Faithful rewards in the Future - usually in the form of a happy afterlife or in some cases reincarnation back on Earth but on a better position than the last time around.

Providing for the immediate needs, you should focus on setting up a Niche Religion which aims to deliver something in a hurry. This will usually take the form of standard issue psychological type stuff - bolstering poor self images and generally providing meaning and worth in otherwise worthless lives. You would be surprised at how much low esteem is out there!

So let's have a look at starting your own Religion or more to the point Niche Religion. It is easier to tailor your offering to the few and hitting the spot everytime, rather than the many - and missing.