Start Your Own Religion - For Pleasure and Profit

Easy to use template

All you have to do is pick items from the lists below and away you go. Easy!

1) Central Figure

Who is going to be your Central Figure? Pick one

2) Sacred Texts

You can always make it up as you go a long - not always best as you end up having to remember what you have said before to avoid contradiction - hard after a beer! Choose your way forward - pick one.

3) Central Tennants or Beliefs

What is your Religion going to be about? Pick as many as you like.

4) Where did the Beliefs come from

Always have a good argument as to where and how the Religion started. Pick one from each list.

Where it started

How it started

5) Demands of the Faithful

To get a head get a hat. It is always a good idea to have specific demands with regard to diet, dress and behaviour. Ensure that you do not have conflicts of interest with your Central Tennants such as we belive in getting drunk and then choose to say No to Alcohol




6) Benefits for the Faithful

Always stress the benefits of the Religion. What will the Faithful receive in return for their belief and devotion? Pick as many as you like

7) Making money from the Faithful

Now this is the fun part. Plenty to choose from here!