Start Your Own Religion - For Pleasure and Profit


It seems that the world is awash with Cults. They are everywhere and there appears to be something for everyone from UFO Cults to Mushroom Cults. They tend to be small with very few members in contrast to the major Religions and often based around an individual who one day discovered that they where 'special' and worthy of starting a Religion.

If this is you, then read no further as you will probably have all you need running around in your head to make a good start on your own. The pupose of Start Your Own Religion - For Pleasure and Profit is to help those who are not 'special' and are looking for an amusing hobby or new revenue stream.

In the previous chapter we took a look at the standard issue Business Model for Religion - the sort that has been running for while. Here we are going to look at some aspects of Cults - worth doing as your new Religion will probably be regarded as one at the outset. Also consider that most of the major Religions started off as something we would regard as a Cult today.

1) Central Figure

This is usually a charismatic sort of person who has new ideas that fit in with a certain zeitgist. They in turn attract a following of a small core of friends who in turn set about attarcting more people to join in.

2) Sacred Texts

These are usually thin on the ground unless one of the small core group starts writing down the things that the Central Figure is saying. Cults rely less on this aspect as the Central Figure is usually still alive and can come out with something for any occasion. More useful when the Central Figure has passed on.

3) The Prophet

It is sometimes useful for the Central Figure to keep out of the limelight and rely on somone else who can do the selling for them. This is very handy if the Central Figure is a poor public speaker or is a non-charismatic.

However the Central Figure and The Prophet are usually one and the same

4) The Organisation

This tends to evolve quite rapidly as most Cults look to register as charities to ensure they keep their hands on as much of any revenue stream the new found Faithful are bringing in.

a) Senior Figures

These are usually some of the first people who started following the Central Figure. As the Organisation get bigger, there is usually some infighting particularly with regard to newer recruits who sense the power and money that might be available to them

b) Scholars or Holy Men

Again the Central Figure is usually still alive but upon his passing one can expect a clamouring for this role.

c) Not So Senior Figures

These are guys who are out there spreading the word. Usually very loyal and believing. They rarely get to see much of the action in terms of perks or cash but do have a nice warm feeling inside!

d) Salesmen

These are synonomous with the Not So Senior Figures

e) Showrooms

Usually few and far between. The Organisation usually has a well appointed Headquarters, somewhere remote and rely on rented rooms for meetings of the Faithful. After a while full time Showrooms are arranged.