Chubby Girls Ripped My Heart Out

This poem can also be the lyrics to a song with chorus that I am hoping the Pet Shop Boys will record.
Come Neil and Chris you know you want to!

Chubby girls, in their undies
Is such super thought
I’ll have to get some Sunday
Now where can they be caught?

Chubby girls, in bikinies
Works very well for me
Feed them on Sashimi
And see what I can see

Chubby girls, in suspenders
Yards of puckered flesh
A month of drunken benders
Legs encased in mesh

They’re lovely
And they don’t care
They’re bubbly
And there’s lots to share
They’re chubby
And they’re everywhere

Chubby girls, in hot pants
Burning with desire
Wobbling, when they do the dance
They’re a ball of fire

Chubby girls, just naked
Romping through my mind
Fullsome hips gyrated
And a very large behind

Chubby girls, are charming
A visual delight
Some see them, as alarming
But for me they are just right


Chubby girls, being naughty
Sharing their ample charms
I like them over forty
With tattos on their arms

Chubby girls, are underated
So warm and good and kind
Slim girls are overstated
All skin and bone, you’ll find

Chubby girls, sure are cuddly
So much to squeeze and hold
Like that girl I knew, from Duddly
A blessing in the cold

Chorus to fade

Concept, mental problems and words: Laurie